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jim grout. we're a very small farming community in michigan. >> the best beans you can get. >> we're not as big as new york, but we're still just as proud to be part of the fire service. being here today, put a lot of perspective on their job as well as ours. it's gut wrenching. speechless. >> i was 6 years old and a teacher came in to talk to our teacher and she told her to turn on the television. and i remember seeing smoke coming up and it just didn't seem real. it seemed like a video game or something. >> i'm cecilia warren beavers. it's an honor to have it here, it reflects who we are and what we live for, truly. the freedom that we have, and how we have to keep fighting for it. i'm jasmine ortiz. to have a part of what happened in history that will always be remembered is important to us. >> it's history. i'm captain at the fremont fire department. we deployed 11 days after the incident. >> that at the time was 4-year-old chocolate lab, the hardest part for me was the families asking us to look for their loved ones. stuffing pictures of their loved ones in our gear. as we ar
. dear board of appeals. we currently live in the upper peninsula of michigan. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. i don't think we should be receiving testimony from family members. >> i've read this letter. it is a letter in the packet. i believe that letter is in the packet. it is also not necessary. if it is in the packet and i have read it. i suspect the commissioners have read it. if you would like toest isify as yourself. -- to testify as yourself, that is of course an option. >> well, i would. i would like to say that i really hope that this can -- that their project can go through as planned. we have a very close neighborhood. we -- its -- i think that the plans look like they would fit right in with what has been done. we did this in our -- at our house several years ago and it is a great way to keep families together and i hope that it can go through. thank you. >> i have a question. where is your house? >> we're 400 day street on the corner. >> and you added a floor? >> yes. >> and did you a setback? >> it really -- the -- the footprint of the house didn't really change any. >> wh
uc-berkeley with a double major in peace studies and english, go bears. she attended michigan state university law school. thank you. now they'v occ has three journal level investigators. we do have our charter mandated minimum of one investigator for every 150 police officers. it is wonderful news. thank you. that concludes my report. president mazzucco: congratulations and welcome to the new investigators. it will be an interesting read. the commission favors mediation. we appreciate your hard work. where are firm believers this strong and incredible occ makes for a strong and in kabul police department. poa joins in on that wit twoh steve johnson. any questions? >> item 3c. thepresident mazzucc>> the commg in the community. i would like to thank capt. sandford for his presentation and for officer broke the -- brophy. i said we are going to try to do more publicity to get more of the community there. i prefer to have more people there next time. the commission will take efforts next time in addition to what the district station capt. does in terms of putting out information but ha
michigan. [ laughter ] but i say if the president is so desperate for his speech to get our attention, last night, this night, it don't matter. to reach the unemployed he needs to deliver it when the unemploy ready watching tv. at 3:00 a.m. right after a slap-chop infomerical. by the way, i partially blame the slap chop for this unemployment crisis. it chops, dices and minces! that's three jobs it killed! [ laughter ] folks, better yet, the president should just work his message in to the programming that's already on at that hour. jim? >> are you constantly strug well your strap? >> right now there are folks struggling. >> when you wear a turtle neck you look like this? >> democracy isn't always pretty. there's got to be a better way. >> we've proven we can come together to solve problems. >> introducing the all new genie bra. >> that's how we'll meet this challenge. >> that sleek sillo wet. this is the perfect bra for me. >> that's the spirit we need to harness it. >> barack obama's bras and jobs. order now. [cheers and applause] wow, our economy already seems fuller, perkier and more con
, and that is creating showers through northwestern pennsylvania all the way through detroit, michigan. we are still near this as we go throughout the day. we can't guarantee a completely dry forecast. lee has been impressive. widespread flooding reported over the last couple days. here's a -- what happened sunday through thursday with lee, and in the shadings of gray, that's nearly a foot-plus of rain that fell over areas like howard county and up toward baltimore county. now, this is an estimate. they are a little above normal, but we have seen wide-spread areas of 6 to 12 inches of rain. flood threats continue even though the worst of the rain has gone through. the susquehanna river is about eight feet above flood stage. the good news is, the river is starting to recede, but flood waters will take a while to recede. our next storm is tropical storm maria. she is heading off toward the west, and it's going to affect the lesser antilles. eventually she will start to head close to florida, and that's going to keep her in mind. if you are heading toward our coast this weekend, it is not too bad. especiall
a band of showers from the jersey shore all the way back toward detroit, michigan. this is mostly up to our north now, so we are starting off the day dry. however as we go throughout the day we could still see some of that moisture creep in, therefore there is the possibility of more showers and storms. that's the last thing we want to hear. we don't need any additional rain. we saw coastal flood advisories out to d.c. flood warnings continue for cecil and harford counties. along the susquehanna river which is still five feet above flood stage. although it has been receding. a couple feet have receded in the overnight hours. this is what we recorded from the remnants of lee. southern pennsylvania more than 15 inches. hunts valley, 10 inches. we saw a lot of localized areas anywhere between 6 to 12 inches throughout this event. throughout the day we are expecting dry weather at ocean city. a few clouds in the sky. clearer skies into the night with a few clouds. for tomorrow, the possibility for storms there. we have the big ravens game take ong the steelers tomorrow afternoon. there m
bulldogs. 87 degrees. dry weather expected there. the fighting irish go to michigan to take on the wolverines. the first ever night game in michigan stadium. 8:00 kickoff. rain pretty likely there. b ycht u going down to texas to take on the longhorns. 94 degrees there. and charleston southern university, the warm-up game for the seminoles of florida state, next saturday the oklahoma sooners will be down there. >> your team. >> are you a fan of oklahoma in. >> no, just throwing that out. >> howard-morehouse the big one. >>> are you ready for some football? >> i know we are. if not, perhaps this will get you ready. a look back at a redskins thriller from nearly 30 years ago. there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only
. >> thank you. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from michigan. >> thank you chairman and chairwoman. the problem it faces obvious. there is too much government spending, too much federal debt and impeding our economy's ability to grow. as a result, too few private- sector jobs are being created. we know it and the american people know what. a quick look at the facts shows this committee has their work cut out. there were zero net jobs created in the month of august, roughly 40 million americans out of work, and the unemployment rate continues to hover around 9%. the total debt for fiscal year 2010 reached 93.1% of gdp and it is growing at an astronomical and unsustainable rate. by the end of this fiscal year our debt will exceed our g.d.p. and according to expert testimony before the simpson- bowles commission, this has already cost us 1 million jobs. these problems have been decades in the making. frankly, both parties have refused to enact many of the necessary and well-known solutions. simply put, washington has over- promised and under-performed. as a result, this committee will
have the showers from western pennsylvania up toward detroit, michigan. the good news is, if you notice h.d. doppler, no rain right now over the susquehanna river. that's great news because flood concerns continue there. as we switch to maps we can see where we have flood warnings out. that's cecil and harford counties. especially fort deposit at flood stage. they are above flood stage at this moment, but the water is beginning to recede. we have coastal flood advisories around the bay for our area. we have more rain showers as we head into the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. >> ava, thanks a lot. we'll see you later. >> after swapping thousands of homes and businesses from pennsylvania and new york, the swollen susquehanna river is returning to its banks. >> operators of the conowengo damn have reopened. the latest from port deposit. >> the view from main street is far more depressing. >> it is devastating to see the water. it is nasty. it is a shame to see it like this. all this trash and stuff it leaves behind. >> despite the murky mess
. michigan/notre dame kicking off. the first night game? >> yes. >> the big house. >> 68 degrees. 30% chance of some showers. pretty nice. winds not a factor unlike what's happening with nasa, the winds a factor. shouldn't be a factor all day today for the college games. >> i have to go with michigan on this one. i was not -- >> anybody go with notre dame for any reason? >> come on. >> i think we learned our lesson last week of what we saw with notre dame. >> thank you so much. >> add such insight, you know. >> you sounded like you knew sports. >> ray, i will be nicer next week. >> can we have you next week? >> there's a little interesting weather tidbit, nasa was delayed because of high winds, winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere, between 15 and 22,000 feet. they're sending off one more weather balloon at 9:01 this morning, if that is a go we will look at the winds with the weather balloon sent up and know if it's going to go off at 9:08 this morning. 9:01 we'll know a little more. >> a font of information. >> weather, space. >> well rounded. >> we're right back. stay here. l to help
. one message to reporters was titled michigan governor rick snyder backs american jobs act. surprising endorsement from conservative republican. less than an hour later they sent corrected release, saying rick snyder on american jobs act. walking back the claim that snyder backed the obama plan. while the governor has positive things to say about the proposal, his office clarified he isn't offering his full support. one element of the plan is preventing 285,000 teacher layoffs. however, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell's office points out last year president obama signed legislation that included $10 billion to avoid 160,000 teacher layoffs. that bill was a bargain averaging $62,500 per job saved. at least compared to the president's new request which works out to $125,000 per job. the education department says last year's bill did save jobs but there is now a need to avoid more layoffs. and finally, former yahoo ceo carol bartz may have cost herself tens of billions of dollars because of name-calling. she referred to other board members as dufuses two days after she was fired
michigan, good afternoon. >> caller: jackson, mississippi,. >> host: sorry about that. >> caller: wanted to know, his roots in the deep south and his response to the movement as being led by doctor cornell. >> guest: i'm not sure i would call anything a movement, but i think that cornell and, we surfaced on this in passing before, i both cornell and others have become sharp critics of the obama administration. and in effect they don't think that obama is doing enough for people who do not have privilege in this country. they think that the obama policies have been tilted too far towards, towards the corporate elite and towards the moneyed elite. and as i said before i think that's fair criticisms. i don't believe, i don't know how they are characterized beyond that but i don't believe that either one of those would say they are leading a movement. i think what they're doing is they are trying to mobilize people who aren't particularly in a point of view and the press the president to embrace a more and encompassing set of policies. >> host: diane williams e-mails in from tampa. thank you
is as important as anything else. >> the next telephone call is from raymond in michigan. hello, raymond. ramin, we are going to move on. let's take a call from chevy chase, md.. >> good evening. lincoln wasn't -- once referred to play as his ideal of a statement. i always believed the men had never met, however, recently i came across a web page to the purported to show a book and was described by clay to lincoln. could the panel comment on this? what is the thinking now? the clay and lincoln ever meet? -- did play and lincoln ever meet? >> we do not know, basically. there is one person who left a memoir that said that person had seen the two in lexington. mary todd lincoln, who was from lexington -- her family was very closely allied with the clay's. she came to kentucky several times. he certainly heard henry clay speak. whether they met is unknown. you have to think they tried to meet its nothing else. if lincoln had come to ashland, the two of them would sit in the parlor. they would go back and forth. but clinton never said he met clay. in think he would have said that had he met him he d
with today pennsylvania, michigan, pittsburgh you will see a little bit from time to time. cleveland, maybe a few showers up towards buffalo. but all of that is going to amount to maybe a half an inch to an inch of rain. not to 8 to 9 inches of rain we saw on some days this week. seeing more showers. they will take it we will see a little bit of that in and ceo cross parts of california as well. we have been dealing with tropics. two tropical storms that brought us all the moisture the last couple of weeks it was lee and irene. now we have maria and nate out there. neither of those are going to impact the u.s. in about four to five days ago we did think it could have impacted the u.s. it's not going to. there is nate. take a quick look admah rea curb off towards the northeast. bring impacts bermuda and eastern seaboard no more rain from those which is great. send it back to you inside. >> thanks so much. nice that it's not raining. we appreciate that. >> opinions flying back and forth on the president's job speech as can you imagine earlier this weeks. critics saying it's creating class war
the east, producing showers in pennsylvania and back to lower michigan. this is the possibility we could see storms today. that is the forecast. some patches of sunshine, but scattered storms, especially into the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's. the next couple days, we expect warm weather. more weather by the end of next week. >> thank you for joining us. we're back in 25 minutes with another update. >>> welcome back on this saturday morning, september 10th, 2011. you're looking at ground zero in lower manhattan. where family members of those who died in the world trade center attacks will gather tomorrow to remember that fateful day. we also have a look at the pentagon, in washington, d.c. and in shanksville, pennsylvania, with today, a dedication of heroes with flight 93 will take place. former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush will attend the tribute. so will vice president biden. three sites now sacred ground and shrines for the nearly 3,000 americans murdered ten years ago tomorrow. inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach, along with lester holt, who's overl
continued our questions with michigan. ed, you are on the washington journal. caller: i would like to make three remarks. sir, you have been on of the programs on cnn, and you leave the impression that bill clinton could have gotten osama bin laden. he launched missiles into their training camp, but there was an airplane that landed there and there was a tall man with garbs on sitting next to a plan with arabic markings. it was possible that saudi or uad prints were on that plane, and did not want to take the chance of killing somebody else. the other remarks is that special forces had bin laden pretty well in their markings. as the head of special forces, he requested a little more money and men, and at the same time, bush told general franks makeop everything toand to plans to go into iraq. those are my remarks. i would appreciate your remarks. guest: he certainly had a chance to kill osama bin laden in february and march of 1999. i think what you do not know is mr. clinton was about to authorize the sale of $8 billion worth of f-16's to the king of he crown pince orince of the united ar
bipartisan support on an ongoing basis. i thought it was a durable initiative. -- a doable and michigan. -- i thought it was a doable an initiative. i have written to my ranking members asking them to ask their chairman for hearings on the president's proposal. also, i have written to speaker boehner asking him to initiate those hearings on the legislation. you should have it. it would be a sign of our unified commitment to acting quickly and in a bipartisan way. urge your chairman to pass the legislation. the hearings will be the first step in that. the point i want to make is that this proposal comes at a time when it should enhance the possibilities for the table of 12. i do not know how they have been characterized. some have said it will increase their challenge. if it increases their challenge to create jobs, all the better. this should be the centerpiece. how do we create jobs, grow the economy, and use the tax code, and timing of cuts and investment to create jobs? i had called upon the table of 12 to act in a way that favors the entrepreneurial spirit of america and the role that sma
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)

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